Release Notes

The video analytics release notes highlight the additions and improvements JWP has made to reporting and analytics tracking. If you have any questions after reading a release note and linked documentation, please contact your JWP representative.


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2022 October

Date Description
10 Oct 2022 New Features
  • Custom Reports now has a last run time displayed near the Run Report button
  • Custom Reports now has a clickable link for Media in the results table. This link navigates users to the Media Details page when Group By - Content - Media is selected
  • Custom Reports now has a gear icon in the results table that allows columns to be hidden so full values are viewable

  • Additional information on creating custom reports.
  • Custom Reports Preview button was relabeled Run Report

2022 August

Date Description
23 Aug 2022 General Improvements
  • Custom Reports was updated to more clearly indicate the 2 different download options:
    • Export as CSV is for downloading a .csv file of the graph's data into a table format.
    • Download Table is for downloading the displayed results table.
08 Aug 2022 General Improvements
  • Custom Report scheduling has been updated to allow users to define their desired delivery time.
  • Custom Report filters now have a Clear Dates button when using a custom time range to make it easier to pick a new time range.

  • Fixed an issue in Custom Reports where the complete rate displayed in the table was incorrectly rounded.

2022 July

Date Description
21 Jul 2022 General Improvements
  • Custom Report details page has been updated with the following new features for the results table:
    • Added a Download CSV option which matches the table results
    • Enhanced table to be responsive based on the browser size
  • Usage page now includes Bytes Delivered for Broadcast Live channels in Current Usage section.

  • Fixed an issue in Custom Reports with the display of certain metrics based on the rounding logic.
  • Fixed an issue in Custom Reports where the graph display didn’t match the table in some scenarios.
  • Fixed an issue in Custom Reports where certain versions of web browsers would lead to a “Something wrong” error page.
14 Jul 2022 Fixes
  • Fixed an issue in Custom Reports with the Download CSV option for reports using the OTT Apps data source so that the CSV matches all of the chosen filters
  • Fixed an issue in Custom Reports where filters could be saved but then led to an error while running the report
12 Jul 2022 General Improvement
  • The Custom Reports page has been updated to make it easier for customers to view their video analytics
    • Improved user experience: Faster load times and easier filtering
    • Enhanced report navigation: Report previews in the list view for quick viewing
    • Easier access to field descriptions: Field descriptions displayed right in-app
    • Full screen visualizations: Maximize graph view as needed

    See Generate Custom Reports for more information.

2022 June

Date Description
06 Jun 2022 General Improvement
  • Added ott as an option for the source query parameter on the Analytics API

  • NOTE: After 07/29/22, the floatleft option will no longer be valid and ott should be used instead to access the same data.

2022 May

2022 January

Date Description
31 May 2022 General Improvement
  • Real Time Analytics page has been updated to make it easier for customers to view their real time video viewership:
    • Improvements were made to the page design
    • “Top Content” is more frequently refreshed
    • Create new Ad Schedules with saved templates

    See Real Time Analytics Reference for more information.
Date Description
27 Jan 2022 General Improvement
  • The All Content Page has been deprecated and will no longer be accessible. Custom Reports allows users to retrieve and export all the same data with more flexibility and capabilities. To create a matching custom report, utilize the following parameters:
    • Metrics: Embeds, Plays, Completes, Complete Rate, Time Watched
    • Group By: Media
    • Timeframe: Update as desired