Add episodes to a series

Organize your episodic or non-episodic content into video bundles.

After creating a series, you can add media (episodes) to your series.


An episodes in a series

Add an episode

Use the following steps below to add episodes to a series:

  1. From the Series page, click the name of a series. A page with the series details appears.
  2. On the Episodes tab, click Add Media. The Add Media panel appears.
  3. Select a media item. Hover over the row of the media item and click the checkbox that appears. Repeat this step for each media item that you want to add to the series.
  4. Click Add to Top or Add to Bottom to add the selected media item to the top or the bottom of the media items in the series.
  5. Click the X icon to close the panel.
  6. (Optional) Click the handle at the end of a row and drag the row to reorder a media item within the series list.
  7. (Optional) Hover over a row and click the star icon to denote the media item as bonus content.
  8. On the Series Details tab under Sorting in the Episodes section, choose how viewers should view the content:
    • Ascending: The first episode of the series or season is shown first.
    • Descending: The most recent episode of the series or season is shown first.
  9. Click Save.