Create a series

Learn how to create a container for managing and configuring a series.


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A series is a powerful tool that allows you to further organize and serve media to viewers. A series can have multiple seasons and episodes in each season, and the series and seasons can include bonus content not available by default.


Episode in a series

For example, you can bundle episodic content such as TV shows and learning courses or non-episodic content like sports leagues events. By organizing your content into a series of 10-100 videos, you can guide your viewers through your content.

When you create a new series, you are creating the management and configuration container for the content of a series in your OTT apps.


If you are a developer or have developer resources, you can create a series with the Management API.

Create a series


Create a series panel

Use the following the steps below to create a series:

  1. On the Series page, click Create Series. The Create Series panel appears.
  2. Enter a Title.
  3. Enter a Description.
  4. Expand the Numbering section.
  5. Under Episodes, in the Starting Integer text box, enter the starting episode number.
  6. Under Bonus Content, in the Starting Integer text box, enter the starting bonus content number.
  7. Click Create. The series details page appears.

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