Create a series card

Set the visual representation of a series.

A series card represents the full grouping of all seasons or episodes in a series. When listed in a shelf in your OTT Apps, the series card displays the name of the series and the number of episodes (videos) associated with the series.


Cards of four series


Series IDUnique identifier of a specific series

On the Series list page, copy the SERIES ID value from the row of a series.

Create a card


Dashboard settings for a series card

Use the following steps to create a series card:

  1. From your JWP dashboard Media Library, click Upload from URL. The Upload from URL panel appears.
  2. Enter a URL with the .mp4 extension. For example, you could enter The actual URL is not important.
  3. Select No, don't host media on import.
  4. Click Add URLs. The details page of the video appears.
  5. Click the title of the video to rename it. The title should be the same title as the series.ā€‹
  6. Under Custom Parameters, enter seriesId for the Key and series ID for the Value.
  7. Click Save.


You can also publish your series at a future date:

  1. On the Advanced Setting tab under Publish Scheduling, set the Publish Date and Local Time to a specified date in the future.
  2. For each video associated with the playlist, set the Publish Date and Local Time to a specified date in the future. Otherwise, the videos will appear individually within your OTT Apps.