Release Notes

The Players release notes highlight the additions and improvements JWP has made to the player builder features and funtionality. If you have any questions after reading a release note and linked documentation, please contact your JWP representative.


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October 2022

Date Description
24 Oct 2022 New Features
  • Google SEO Optimization can now be set up on the JWP Dashboard
    • This new player configuration automatically populates the necessary structured data used by Google search crawlers to index videos in Google Search with Key Moments.
    • This player configuration can be controlled in the JWP Dashboard or directly in the Player Configuration.
    • For customers who want to implement Key Moments within their own VideoObject structured data, our Google SEO Optimization support page has guidance on how to fill out the necessary parameters to deep link to specific timestamps with JWP.

  • Fixed an issue where Starter accounts were unable to update their player settings

August 2022

Date Description
23 Aug 2022 New Features
  • Picture In Picture is now available as a setting.
  • An option to view and edit a playerโ€™s JSON configurations has been added.

General Improvements
  • SDK v3 downloads are no longer accessible via the dashboard.
  • The SEO option for embedding has moved from the embed side panel to a player-level setting.