Release Notes

The video delivery release notes highlight the additions and improvements JWP has made to the video hosting, video streaming, and content management. If you have any questions after reading a release note and linked documentation, please contact your JWP representative.


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2022 October

Date Description
03 Oct 2022 Fix
  • In the Filter By Tag module for Manual and Dynamic playlists, a user can make use of a scroll bar to manage a large list of tags.

2022 August

Date Description
08 Aug 2022 General Improvements
  • Manual playlists have improved UI with faster page performance and a media search slide out with publish date and title sort.

  • Dynamic playlists have improved UI with faster page performance and new features, such as the following:
    • Filter by Custom Parameters
    • Filter by Recency
    • New Duration (asc/dsc), Trending and Shuffle Sort
    • Promoted Content module

2022 July

Date Description
12 Jul 2022 General Improvements
  • To increase support for high resolution 1080p videos to be shared with YouTube and Facebook, the Social Push media size limit has been increased from 1GB to 3GB.

  • Several improvements were made to the googledfp feed type, such as the following:
    • Including all media metadata regardless of geoblocking rules
    • Adding field to better support Dynamic Ad Insertion use cases

2022 June

Date Description
07 Jun 2022 General Improvements
  • Improved the Data Quality of the "Playlist Type" and "Playlist" Dimensions:
    • Beginning on 5/24/22, the Playlist Type and Playlist Dimensions are being more fully populated for Embeds, including in cases where a relevant embed does not result in a play
    • The Embed count tallies the number of times a player has been set up on a page and will now let you segment by playlist
    • This change will allow you to track how often a playlist is loaded with a player and subsequently how often these convert into plays

  • Fixed Social Push bug on posting videos to YouTube
  • Fixed a bug around duplicate key values for dynamic playlists custom param filtering in Management API v2

2022 May

Date Description
31 May 2022 Fix
  • Fixed a bug around captions in MRSS Imports

2022 March

Date Description
10 Mar 2022 General Improvements
  • Updated the JWP Management API for the MRSS Imports POST action (Create an import) so that all of the "ingest_metadata" settings will be defaulted to true if it is undefined:
    • In the past, these were defaulted to false
    • Now, these need to explicitly be set to false if desired

    See Create an import for more information.

  • Updated the User Agent for resource retrieval on MRSS Imports to display JWP rather than a generic python library

2022 February

Date Description
23 Feb 2022 General Improvement
  • Custom Parameters can now be imported directly with videos imported by MRSS Feeds to make importing this metadata easier:
    • Custom Parameters can be specified to be added to all videos imported via a specific MRSS feed. When desired, these can use the default custom parameters set at the property level.
    • Custom Parameters can also be parsed from custom name-spaced fields on the MRSS feed to import custom parameters that differ for each video.

    See Set up a new import feed for more information.

2022 January

Date Description
27 Jan 2022 General Improvement
  • Dynamic Playlists created through the Management APIv2 has a new sort option for sorting by duration:
    • In the coming months, this will also be added as a new sort option for Dynamic Playlists created in the Dashboard

  • Fixed an issue with the “View as Raw XML” link throwing an error for some MRSS feeds on the MRSS Import Page

  • Fixed an issue where “Copy to Property” from the Media Library Page would result in reduced resolution thumbnails instead of the highest quality thumbnail
13 Jan 2022 General Improvement
  • MRSS Imports page has been updated to make it easier for customers to setup and track status on their MRSS feeds to import new videos into the JWP platform:
    • Improvements were made to the page layout and design
    • Improvements were made to more frequently refresh the status of imported media

    See Set up a new import feed for more information.

  • Fixed an issue where uploading an alternate audio track that contained surround-sound content and had a non-ASCII character in its display name resulted in HTTP 500 delivery errors.

  • Fixed an issue with MRSS Imports API PATCH calls where a PATCH call overwrote fields that were not included in the request.