ANDROID: 4.10.3

Experience enhanced functionality and improved performance with the latest Android SDK updates, including player state retention, cleared rendered captions, caption-related bug fixes, and several Recommendations patches.

WEB: 8.26.8

With 8.26.8, various UX and ad improvements and a fix have been released.

iOS: 4.10.1

With 4.10.1, we have released new updates to improve error reporting for side-loaded captions, fix ad issues, and address a rare Chromecast-related crash.

ANDROID: 4.10.2

With 4.10.2, fixes for quality, ads, and casting have been released.

iOS: 4.10.0

Discover the latest updates in the JWP iOS SDK 4.10.0. This release includes new features such as IMA ad companions and side-loaded captions enhancements, along with UI customizations. Additionally, improvements have been made to performance and error reporting.

ANDROID: 4.10.1

Service release. No new features.

WEB: 8.26.7

With v8.26.7, we've updated our HLS.js dependency version in addition to several other updates and fixes.

iOS: 4.9.1

With the release of iOS SDK 4.9.1, various fixes have been deployed.

ANDROID: 4.10.0

Android v4.10.0 introduces ad companion support and addresses several issues.

ANDROID: 4.9.1

Android 4.9.1 addresses an offline DRM issue.