WEB: 8.26.4

In this release, we've added the ability to pass parameters into the ad request for FreeWheel and corrected a caption selection issue.

iOS: 4.8.0

Developers who write in Objective-C can programmatically make the JWPlayerView full screen or dismiss full screen. Also in iOS 4.8.0, we make some captions improvements and released several fixes.

ANDROID: 4.8.0

In Android 4.8.0, we created a new getter for caption rendering and addressed several bugs.

iOS: 4.7.1

With the release of v4.7.1, we have fixed several bugs.

ANDROID: 4.7.1

With the release of v4.7.1, we have upgraded ExoPlayer as part of our updates and fixed several bugs.

WEB: 8.26.1

With the release of v8.26.1 we will slowly be introducing a new UI for Chapters! Hope you all enjoy!

iOS: 4.7.0

JW Player has just released v4.7.0 for the iOS SDK. The notes for this release appear below. If you have any questions about a release note, please contact your JWP representative.

iOS: 4.6.2

In v4.6.2, we've exposed several events and adressed various bugs.

WEB: 8.26.0

In v8.26.0, we've added support for our player plugin code and released several fixes.

iOS 4.6.1

In v4.6.1, ad error messaging has been improved and various bugs have been corrected.