iOS: 4.10.0

Discover the latest updates in the JWP iOS SDK 4.10.0. This release includes new features such as IMA ad companions and side-loaded captions enhancements, along with UI customizations. Additionally, improvements have been made to performance and error reporting.

New Features

Google IMA

  • Added support for IMA ad companions.
  • Added support for additional IMA settings via JWIMASettings config.


  • The default position of captions can be set via JWCaptionStyle.
  • Side-loaded WebVTT captions are displayed when casting to Chromecast devices.
  • A locale can be specified for side-loaded captions tracks using JWCaptionTrackBuilder.
  • Improved error and warning reporting for side-loaded caption issues.

User Interface

  • Added setVisibility API to JWPlayerObjcViewController to allow a developer using Obj-C to change the visibility of interface elements.
  • Added ability to customer the color of ad cues and chapter cues displayed in the scrub bar, using JWPlayerSkin.


  • Fixed a bug were no tracks were selected when CC+SDH was enabled in the user’s devices settings.
  • Improved performance and handling of potential hangs during playback.
  • Fixed issue where errors pings were not being reported.
  • Fixed issue with LLDB reporting


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