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Your JWP dashboard enables you to manage your media assets, playlists, and players in a single location. What if you could create workflows that increased your daily efficiency? JWP has partnered with Zapier to enable you to create automated connections called Zaps.

  • Building codeless workflows between apps within minutes

  • Connecting JWP to 2,000+ other web services

In a Zap, the input from one app causes actions in other apps.


Three examples of possible JWP Zaps

Three examples of possible JWP Zaps

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## Get your JW Reporting API token

Before you can connect your JWP account and start adding Zaps to your workflow, you need your **JW Reporting API token**.

  1. From your [JWP dashboard](๐Ÿ”—๏ปฟ), click the gear next to your name **> API Credentials**.

  2. In the **JW Reporting API Credentials** section, click **Show Credentials** in the row of the relevant API key name.


    If no API key names exist, type a new API key name, select permission level, and click **ADD NEW API KEY**. Your account must have the Admin permission to create a new API key.

  3. Copy the **Secret**. This secret is your JW Reporting API token.

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## Connect your JWP account

To start creating Zaps for your own workflows or to use any of our pre-made workflows, you must connect your JWP account to Zapier.

  1. Log in to your [Zapier account](๐Ÿ”—๏ปฟ) or create a new account.

  2. Click **My Apps** in the top or side navigation.

  3. From the **Connect a new accountโ€ฆ** drop-down menu, select **JWP**. You can also type **JWP** in the text field to quickly search for JWP. A pop-up window appears.

  4. Enter your JWP Reporting API token.

  5. Click **Yes, Continue**. Your JWP account is connected and the pop-up window disappears.

You can now use a pre-made Zap or create your own with the Zap Editor. If you decide to create your own Zap, you'll be walked step-by-step through the setup.


Need inspiration? See everything that's possible with [JWP and Zapier](๐Ÿ”—๏ปฟ).

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