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Studio DRM's multi-DRM solution enables you to protect your media across multiple technologies and devices.

The use of Studio DRM with JW Platform requires the creation of a new property (called Sites in the JW Management API).

To enhance the security of your content <sup>[1](🔗), [2](🔗)</sup>, the new Studio DRM-enabled property will be preconfigured with the following:

  • JWT token signing enabled to protect license acquisition URLs

  • DRM content copy restrictions to prevent content transfers to account properties without DRM encryption enabled

  • Four predefined DRM policies

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<a name="drm-supported-encryption"></a><sup>• 1 <em>Studio DRM only supports encrypting video (with or without in-band captions) and audio files. Encryption of documents, images, and side loaded (out-of-band) captions are not supported by Studio DRM.</em></sup> <a name="drm-screen-recording"></a><sup>• 2 <em>Studio DRM blocks recording via browser extensions/add-ons or certain software programs on the application level, but is not guaranteed for all web browsers. Blocking screen recording depends on the Content Decryption Module (CDM) used in the browser. The CDM may vary with browsers updates and versions.</em></sup>

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## Disabled Features

To help deter users of the dashboard from playing, copying, or sharing protected content, additional safety features have been added to several property, playlist, and video features. The following table details features that are disabled for DRM-enabled properties.

None of these features can be altered for DRM-enabled properties

**Individual Videos**The following features are disabled: <ul><li>Copying to another property</li><li>Downloading a video or its assets</li><li>Embedding</li><li>Previewing a video within the dashboard</li><li>Sharing, including social sharing</li><li>Trimming</li></ul> Additionally, the sources list is hidden.
**Playlists**On a DRM-enabled property, the URLs for playlists and their assets are pre-signed.<br /><br />Additional signing is required for individual assets and playback. This is explained further in the playback setup documentation for [Android](🔗), [iOS](🔗), and [Web](🔗).

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## Enable a property

If you have not enabled Studio DRM with JW Platform or for a live stream integration, you can use [Studio DRM Standalone](🔗).

Use the following steps to create a Studio DRM-enabled property:

  1. On the <a href="https://dashboard.jwplayer.com/#/account/properties" target="_blank">Property page</a>, click **Create**. A pop-up window appears.

  2. Enter a **Name** in the text box.

  3. Under **Digital Rights Management**, click the **Enable protection** checkbox.

  4. Click **Create**. The new property is created and a list of the properties in your account appears.

  5. [Add FairPlay credentials to the property.](🔗)

  6. <a href="https://developer.jwplayer.com/jwplayer/docs/stream-upload-content" target="_blank">Upload your content</a> to the new property. Your content must be hosted by JW Player in your JW Platform library.

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### Add FairPlay credentials to a property

After acquiring your <a href="https://developer.apple.com/streaming/fps/" target="_blank">FairPlay credentials from Apple</a> and <a href="/platform/docs/protection-studio-drm-create-a-fairplay-p12-file" target="_blank">creating a FairPlay .p12 keystore file</a>, use the following steps to add the credentials to a property:

  1. From the <a href="https://dashboard.jwplayer.com/account/properties" target="_blank">property list page</a>, click on the name of a Studio DRM-enabled property.

  2. On the **Content Protection** tab under **FairPlay Streaming Configuration**, click **Add FPS Credentials**. The **Fairplay Streaming Credentials** panel appears.

  3. In the **Application Secret Key** field, enter an ASK.

  4. Under **Private Key and Certificate Keystore**, click **Choose File** to select a .p12 or .pfx file.

  5. In the **Keystore Password** field, enter the keystore password.

  6. Click **Save**.

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## FAQ

<details><summary><strong>Can media be hosted on non-JWP servers in a DRM-enabled property?</strong></summary>

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It is not recommended for media to be <a href="/platform/docs/vdh-upload-videos#register-videos" target="blank">registered</a> and <<glossary:externally hosted>> in a DRM-enabled property <strong><em>except</em></strong> if it is an encrypted Broadcast Live stream.

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