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After reading our documentation, reviewing our code samples, and examining our demo, you may still be unable to resolve an implementation issue. At this point, you should [submit a support ticket](πŸ”—ο»Ώ) that includes a URL link to a web-based, reproduction page that JWP's Support Team can access.

Reproduction pages reduce the time necessary to resolve your issue in several ways:

  • Clearly shows your implementation of our code

  • Eliminates non-essential code and libraries

  • Enables the Support Team to suggest code revisions

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## Create a reproduction page

There are several ways to embed the player. The following table notes things to include in your reproduction page for each type of player embed.

Dashboard embed _(JavaScript or iFrame)_β€’ Include dashboard embed code. β€’ Include any custom, event-driven player code.
WordPress embedβ€’ Include the WordPress shortcode. β€’ Disable non-essential plug-ins in your plug-in library.
Manual embedβ€’ Include the player library URL. β€’ Clearly identify the `div` for the player, if applicable. β€’ Include `jwplayer().setup()`. β€’ If the player is self-hosted, include the license key on the page. β€’ Include any custom and/or event-driven player code. β€’ Remove JavaScript code and libraries not required by the player, like jQuery or require.js. β€’ Remove CSS code or stylesheets not used by the player.

**Dashboard JavaScript embed example**


**Dashboard iFrame embed example**


**Manual embed example**


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## Submit a HTML5 player support ticket

When submitting a HTML5 player issue [support ticket](πŸ”—ο»Ώ), please provide the following information in the **Description** field of your support ticket:

  • Browser name and version

  • Operating system name and version

  • Device make and model

  • What behavior do you expect from the player?

  • What behavior is actually occurring with the player?

  • Provide step-by-step instructions to reproduce this behavior on your reproduction page

In the **Reproduction page** field, enter the URL of your reproduction page.

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