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Player Builder is arranged as a set of menus that allows you to quickly customize the behavior and appearance of a player inside the dashboard without having to write any code.


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## Create a player

  1. From the Players page, click **Create Web Player**.

  2. (Optional) On the top left rename the player in the field displaying _“Untitled Player”_.


    Giving a unique name to each player enables you to distinguish between and locate players.

  3. (Optional) In the [Player Behavior](🔗) section, configure the player behaviors and social sharing options.

  4. (Optional) In the [Display Options ](🔗) section, configure how the video title, video description, and player controls appear.

  5. (Optional) In the [Sharing](🔗) section, select the social media networks to which the player can be shared.

  6. (Enterprise) In the [Recommendations](🔗) section, define the Recommendation settings.

  7. (Enterprise) In the [Advertising](🔗) section, customize the advertising experience.

  8. (Optional) In the [Advanced Options](🔗) section, configure additional player options to further enhance usability and SEO viability.

  9. Click **Save**.

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## Update an existing player

To access the Player Builder tabs of an already created player:

  1. From your [JW Player dashboard](🔗), click Players.

  2. Click the name of the player that you will be updating. The Player Builder screen appears. See above for additional details on making updates within the **Player Behavior, Display Options, Sharing, Recommendations, Advertising**, and **Advanced Options** menus.

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## Preview panel

On the right of the Player Builder tab, you can preview changes that you make to the player. The player preview allows you to view most configuration changes in real-time.


Above the player preview, the name of the player is listed. Next to the name are three icons that you can click to preview the player in different views: portrait mobile, landscape mobile, and desktop. Next to the icons, the Player Version you are using is listed.

After saving customizations to the player, you can add the player to your site using the URL in this section:

  1. Copy the **Cloud-Hosted Player Library URL** and [add the URL to the `<head>`](🔗) of your website pages to access the player across your entire site.

  2. If you have code that contains deprecated functionality from JW7, click the checkbox next to Include compatibility script.


    Test your player first without this script. If no issues arise, leave this option unchecked.

  3. (Enterprise only) In the **Release Channels** section, select a player version from the **Channel** drop-down menu. You can choose from one of the [five player releases](🔗).

  4. Copy the player id from the **Player ID** field.

  5. The [Customize Player Branding](🔗) menu allows you to adjust the appearance of a player.

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At the bottom of the preview panel are three additional actions you can take.

If you are an Enterprise customer, you can select from one of the following:

  1. Review our tips to troubleshoot issues related to the player.

  2. **Revert to Saved** | Restore the last saved version of the player. This link only appears if there is a saved version that can be restored.

  3. **Delete Player** | Permanently delete the player.

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