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Within an app config, you can designate a media item as free content. Free content is a media-specific model.

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## Requirement

Enabled account services

  • <a href="/platform/docs/apps-enable-user-login#jwp-service" target="_blank">Use JWP's account service</a>

  • <a href="/platform/docs/apps-enable-user-login#non-jwp-service" target="_blank">Use a non-JWP, third-party account service </a>

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## Define free content


Custom Parameters for free content

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To designate certain videos as free content, use the following steps. These steps apply to both JWP and Non-JWP registration systems:

  1. From the [Media Library](πŸ”—ο»Ώ), click the name of a media item. The details page appears.

  2. Under **Custom Parameters**, click **+ Add**. A new row appears.

  3. For the **Key**, enter _free_.

  4. For the **Value**, enter _true_.

  5. Click **Save**.

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