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An app config is an apps management and configuration tool. From your JWP dashboard, you can manage the content and features of your apps built with the JWP Web App:

  • Associate content with an app

  • Specify where content is displayed

  • Align the appearance of the app with your brand

  • Monetize content

  • Define aspects of the user experience


App config settings

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In addition to managing the content and features of your apps, you can implement multiple app configurations to help improve the viewing experience:

  • Selecting content for different geographical regions

  • Specifying content for viewing platforms, such as web, iOS, and Roku

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of content line-ups through A/B testing

  • Differentiating between environments, such as development and production


Applicaster-based apps are managed and customized through <a href="https://applicaster.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360045718011-Zapp-Studio-Basics" target="_blank">Applicaster's Zapp Studio</a>. Creating a new or editing an existing app config will not change the content or features of these apps.

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## Create an app config

Use the following steps to create an app configuration from your JWP dashboard:

  1. From the **Apps** page, click **Create App Config**. The **Create App Config** popup window appears.

  2. Enter a **Configuration Name**.

  3. Click **Confirm**. The new configuration has been created, and the settings page appears.


If you are a developer or have developer resources, you can use the following recipe to create and define an app config with the Management API.

OTT: App Config
Open Recipe

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