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By setting a geoblocking rule for a property, the rule applies to all the cloud-hosted or registered content.

  • Geoblocking rules apply only to the content played within a player. Player libraries are not impacted by geoblocking rules.

  • **Only Admin user accounts can modify a property’s global geoblocking setting**.

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## Set a geoblocking rule

Use the following video and steps to set and edit a geoblocking rule for a property.

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  1. From the <a href="https://dashboard.jwplayer.com/#/account/properties">properties list page</a>, click the name of the property for which you want to set geoblocking.

  2. On the **Content Protection** tab under **Property Geoblocking**, click **Add Rule**. The **Create Geoblocking Rule** panel appears.

  3. Select a **Rule Type**:

    • **Allow**: Allow a specific list of locations to view this media

    • **Deny**: Block a specific list of locations from viewing this media<br /><br />

  4. In the **Locations** dropdown menu, click the names of the countries to apply to the rule. The names of the countries appear in a list beneath the dropdown menu. <br /><br /> If you need to remove a country, click the country name in the list beneath the dropdown menu. <br /><br />

  5. Click **SAVE**.​

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## FAQ

<details><summary><strong>What does a viewer from a blocked region see?</strong></summary>

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Viewers who click on content that is restricted in their locations will see an error and will not be able to view your content.

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<details><summary><strong>Can I apply multiple geoblocking rules to my content?</strong></summary>

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Only one geoblocking rule can be set for a property or a video. Furthermore, the global geoblocking setting applies to all videos in the property except for those with their own geoblocking rules.


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