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Regardless of whether you are an account administrator, a content creator, or a developer, your JWP dashboard provides you a single tool to manage your content, customize a player, monetize your content, optimize your viewers' video experiences through analytics, and check the JWP system statuses.

The JWP dashboard has three main sections: the left navigation, the top navigation, and the main panel.

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## Left navigation

The left navigation allows you to manage your content, customize a player, create ad schedules, review analytics, and check the status of JWP systems.


Left navigation of the JWP dashboard.

**Media Library**Manage your content. <br /><br /> For example:<ul><li><a href="/platform/docs/vdh-upload-videos">Add content to your library</a></li><li>Add your content to <a href="/platform/docs/vdh-playlist-overview">playlists</a></li><li><a href="/platform/docs/players-get-started">Embed</a> your content on a page</li><li> Share content through social media</li><li>Enable <a href="/platform/docs/instant-live-get-started">live streaming events</a></li></ul>
**Players**Customize a player and monetize your content. <br /><br /> For example:<ul><li>Create and customize cloud-hosted players</li><li>Download player libraries, SDKs, and license keys for <a href="/players/docs/jw8-add-a-player-library#cloud-hosted">web</a>, <a href="/players/docs/android-firetv-add-the-sdk">Android</a>, and <a href="/players/docs/ios-tvos-add-the-sdk">iOS</a></li><li>Enable advertising</li></ul>
**Analytics**Evaluate the performance of your content and players. <br /><br /> For example:<ul><li>Run <a href="/platform/docs/analytics-get-started-with-custom-reports">performance reports</a></li><li>Monitor the <a href="/platform/docs/analytics-real-time-analytics-reference">real-time</a> health of your content</li></ul>
**All Systems Operational**Identify any JWP systems that may impact your services.

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## Top navigation

The top navigation allows you to change the active property, manage account settings, access API credentials, and upload videos.


Top navigation of the JWP dashboard.

**Upload**From most pages within your dashboard, you can add a video.
**Property dropdown menu**If you have access to more than one property, you can choose a property from this menu.
**Gear icon menu**Manage account settings and access API credentials. <br /><br /> For example:<ul><li><a href="/platform/docs/account-manage-account-users">Manage account users</a></li><li>Monitor <a href="/platform/docs/account-manage-account-users">account usage</a></li><li>Restrict who can view your content through <a href="/platform/docs/protection-geoblocking-overview">geoblocking</a></li><li> Retrieve API credentials to manage your content with JWP's <a href="/platform/reference/authentication">Management API</a></li></ul>

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## Main panel

In the main panel, you can use and customize each product and its features.


Main panel of the JWP dashboard.

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