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Video advertisements allow you to monetize the videos your viewers watch. Using the **Advertising** tab, you can customize the advertising experience of your viewers. Unlike many other player customizations, advertising settings are not reflected in the player preview.

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## Enable and configure advertising

Before enabling advertising in your player, use the <a href="https://developer-tools.jwplayer.com/ad-tester" target="_blank">Ad Tester</a> to test the behavior of your ad tag in the latest release of the JWP player. If an ad tag does not work in the Ad Tester, it is unlikely that the ad tag will work with the JWP player.

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Use the following steps to monetize your videos with default settings:

  1. From the <a href="https://dashboard.jwplayer.com/p/players" target="_blank"><strong>Players</strong></a> page, select an existing player. The player builder page appears. If you have clicked **Create Web Player** to create a new player, the player builder page will also appear.

  2. On the **Configuration** tab, expand the **Advertising** section. The **Advertising** options will appear


    If no ad schedules have been created in your account, click **New Ad Schedule** and <a href="/platform/docs/advertising-schedule-ad-breaks" target="_blank">create a new ad schedule</a>. Then, return to this section.

  3. Click the **Show Ads** toggle to **ON** to enable the advertising features.

  4. Select an **Ad Schedule** from the dropdown menu.

  5. (VPAID) Click the **Show player controls on all VPAID ads** checkbox to display player controls.

  6. (Optional) Configure [ad messaging](🔗).

  7. (Optional) Configure [additional advertising options](🔗), such as a companion ad and an outstream player.

  8. Click **Save**.

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[Player Bidding](🔗) allows you to reduce latency and boost monetization by gaining access to additional advertising demand.

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### Messaging

Based on your advertising setup, a viewer will see different types of text: **Countdown to Video Message, Cut Marker Text,** and **Skip Ad Countdown**. The **Messaging** section allows you to change the default text for each of these types of text.

If you are a developer, you can use the [internationalization](🔗) object to configure these settings in the player configuration code block.

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The following table explains each option.

**Countdown to Video Message**Configures the text that displays during ad playback, which lets the viewer know how many seconds are left until video playback begins
**Cue Marker Text**Configures the text that displays when a viewer hovers over a scheduled advertisement cue marker in the time slider
**Skip Ad Countdown**Configures the text of the skip button. The skip ad functionality is set when creating an ad schedule with a VAST ad tag. You can use the xx macro as a placeholder to dynamically populate the number countdown. **Example**: _Skip ad in xx seconds._

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### Additional Options

In the **Additional Options** section, you can configure additional advertising options. The following table explains each option.

**Companion Ads**A companion ad is a display ad that is shown to a viewer while a video ad is playing. The **Companion Ads** section allows you to enable a single companion ad. Since code must be added to a page to enable this feature, developer assistance may be required. Follow the steps below to enable a companion ad: 1. On your website, create a player in which to display a companion ad. 2. Click the toggle to **ON** to enable the companion ads functionality. 3. Enter the **DIV ID**. 4. Enter the **DIMENSIONS** of the location.
**Outstream**The Outstream setting provides additional options for ads. Follow the steps below to enable Outstream ad options: 1. Click the toggle to **ON** to enable Outstream ads functionality. 2. (Optional) Click the first checkbox to **Display “Advertisement” heading above the player**. 3. (Optional) Click the second checkbox to **Automatically collapse player after ads**.

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