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When your viewers watch a video on your site, the original video audio is played. However, you can offer them an enriched experience.


List of additional audio tracks in the player

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You can associate additional audio tracks with a video and provide your viewers with a variety of options:

  • Dialogue translations

  • Changing background music in a fitness or training video

  • Commentary tracks

  • Descriptive audio for visually-impaired viewers

All additional audio tracks are listed by the order in which they appear in the <a href="/platform/docs/players-adaptive-streaming-reference#about-http-streaming" target="_blank">manifest</a>.

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Alternate audio tracks are only supported in HLS delivery. They are not supported in progressive MP4s served out of JW Stream.

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## Requirement

  • Audio file (.aac, .m4a, mp3) on a local machine


    Ensure that your audio track is the same duration as the video. If the duration of the audio track and video do not match, playback errors may occur. 🚧

    The running length of an alternate audio track **may not exceed 24 hours**.

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## Unsupported Features

The following features are unsupported:

  • VP9-DASH

  • Setting an alternate audio track as the default track for a video. The audio track uploaded in the video asset will always be the default for the video.

  • Trimming videos with alternate audio tracks.

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## Add an audio track


Additional Audio Tracks section of the Audio Tracks panel

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If you are a developer or have developers resources, you can manage alternate audio tracks through the [Management API](πŸ”—ο»Ώ).

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Use the following steps to add an audio track:

  1. From your JWP dashboard [Media Library](πŸ”—ο»Ώ), click the name of the video. The video details page appears.

  2. On right side of the page beneath the preview player, click the **Tracks** tab.

  3. In the **Audio** section, click **Manage**. The **Audio Tracks** panel appears.

  4. Under **Additional Audio Tracks**, click **+ Add Audio Track**. The **Add Audio Track** fields are revealed.

  5. Enter the **Name**, **Language**, **Lang Code** for the audio track. The **Name** will appear as the audio track option in the player.

  6. Select the audio type from the **Type** dropdown menu.

  7. Click **Attach File** to select an audio track from your computer.

  8. Click **Add Audio Track**. Once uploaded, the audio track appears under **Additional Audio Tracks**.

  9. Repeat steps 4-8 to associate additional audio tracks.

  10. Click **Close** to exit the **Audio Tracks** panel.

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After you have associated additional audio tracks to a video, the original audio (Default Audio) is selected when the video plays. Additional audio tracks are listed alphabetically in the player after Default Audio.

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