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After [adding ads](🔗) to your content, you can define ad rules that control how often a viewer sees ads while viewing your video content. <b>Ad rules can be used only when using a VAST (</b>`VastAdvertisingConfig`<b>) ad client</b>.

  • If you are publishing playlists that consist of short-duration videos, like tutorials or product reviews, you can define `startOn` (the first playlist item allowing ad playback) and `frequency` (the regularity of ads within a playlist).

  • If you are publishing long-form content, like webinars or interviews, you can define `startOnSeek` (which determines if a returning visitor is served a pre-roll ad before resuming content playback) and `timeBetweenAds` (which sets the minimum time that must elapse between ads playback).

You can read <a href="https://docs.jwplayer.com/platform/docs/ad-rules-reference" target="_blank">Ad rules reference</a> to learn more about how each ad rule impacts a user's experience.

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## Implementation

Use the following steps and code samples to define ad rules:

  1. Create an `AdRules` object and name it, for example, `adRules`.

  2. Configure the properties of the `adRules` object for your use case.

  3. Add `adRules` to `VastAdvertisingConfig`.

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## Examples

### Example 1: Short-form content

The following example illustrates a short-form media item with a pre-roll ad. The first ad plays before the first playlist item (`startOn: 1`). Then, subsequent pre-roll ads appear for every third playlist item (`frequency: 3`), starting with the fourth playlist item.

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### Example 2: Long-form content

The following example illustrates a long-form media item with multiple ad breaks. The `startOnSeek` and `timeBetweenAds` (set to 300 seconds) ad rules have been defined.

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