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The iOS SDK selects the appropriate string from one of the available string tables. The SDK searches the string tables in the following order:

  • Main bundle string tables in the app

  • String tables in the `JWPlayerKit` (iOS SDK)

  • English string tables in the iOS SDK

By creating a string table for a language, you can customize the displayed string for menus, title bars, and strings in many other interfaces. Your language-specific string table will override the string tables in the iOS SDK.

You can create string tables for any language, allowing you to customize the video experience for your global users.

There are a handful of classes created by our builders which take a string as an argument. These values are not localized by the SDK. Instead, you should provide a localized string to these structures, or override their default in your string tables using our string keys.

For example, in `JWAdInterfaceStyleBuilder` there are string properties for `skipText`, `countdownText`, and `skipDelayText`. These strings will be displayed as provided. Thus, if you set one to “Skip Ahead” the text displayed is “Skip Ahead” and is not looked up from the string table.

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## Requirements

  • JWPlayerKit 4.3.0+ (iOS)

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## Default Supported Languages

The iOS SDK supports localization for the languages in the following table.

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## Enable localization

### General

Use the following steps to enable localization:

  1. Create <a href="https://developer.apple.com/documentation/xcode/adding-support-for-languages-and-regions" target="_blank">language-specific string tables</a> for the app. Refer to the [String Reference](🔗) to see the list of customizable strings in the player.

  2. In the **info.plist** of the app, add the `CGBundleAllowMixedLocalizations` key and set the value to `YES`. When added to **info.plist**, the key appears as **Localized resources can be mixed**.


Localized resources can be mixed setting in the info.plist file

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### Google IMA

By default, Google IMA uses the language specified in the user’s default settings.

Use the following steps to override the default settings:

  1. Use `JWImaSettingsBuilder()` to create a `JWImaSettings object`.

  2. Define `locale` with the two-letter language code.

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## String Reference

### General Strings

The following table lists all strings that can be customized for a language-specific string table. The default English string is listed for each string.

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### Accessibility

The following table lists all the customizable accessibility labels and values. The default English string is listed for each string.

Refer to <a href="https://developer.apple.com/documentation/objectivec/nsobject/uiaccessibility" target="_blank">Apple's documentation</a> for further information on these properties and how they affect the user experience.

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