We’re JWP. We strive to enable developers and designers (like you!) to build, customize, and deliver the best video experiences for viewers across web, mobile, and OTT devices.

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## Purpose

Our goal is to provide you with documentation on more advanced uses of JWP. Here you will find a consolidated reference of API calls and design resources to accelerate your development process with our player.

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## Third-Party Libraries and Frameworks

The JWP video player supports plain Javascript embeds with HTML. At this time, JWP neither supports nor maintains components for any frameworks such as Angular, React, and Flutter. However, JWP does maintain a component in the [Google AMP framework](🔗).

JWP does not currently support webviews in either Android or iOS. For our mobile solutions, see the documentation for our [Android SDK](🔗) and [iOS SDK](🔗) respectively.

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## Intended Audience

This site specifically caters to developers and designers who are using JWP in their projects. For basic configuration settings or assistance embedding a player, please see our <a href="https://support.jwplayer.com/hc/en-us/requests/new" target="_blank">support site</a>. If you are visiting the developer site, a basic level of Javascript is required to use our API and knowledge of CSS is necessary in order to customize our skinning model.

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## Licenses

Certain features of JWP may require specific license types. For example, DRM and Advertising require an Enterprise license. A more extensive explanation of license types and their features can be be found on our [pricing page](🔗).

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## Contact

If you’re unable to find the resources you need on our developer site:

  • We regularly monitor [StackOverflow](🔗) for questions.

  • We welcome contributions to our open source Player code on [GitHub](🔗).

  • Stay connected on Twitter [@JWDevelopers](🔗).

  • We’re available to discuss feedback (or new cat videos!) at [[email protected]](🔗).

  • License upgrades are handled at our [contact us](🔗) page.

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