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Player Bidding (PB) connects your digital video inventory directly to advertising demand sources, increasing competition for your inventory to boost your ad yield. By configuring the `advertising` object of the player, you can access the benefits of player bidding. You can use either a cloud-hosted or self-hosted player.

  • Due to the potential impact on performance and user experience, while the player is waiting for the bidding process to complete, the `playAd()` method is not supported when using Player Bidding.

  • If you have configured advertising settings for your player in your JWP dashboard, changes made to the player's `advertising` object **override any dashboard advertising settings**. To maintain any dashboard advertising settings, be sure to include all existing dashboard advertising configurations within the advertising object.

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## Implementation

Use the following steps and code example to enable Player Bidding.

If you prefer, you can also [set up Player Bidding](🔗) through your JWP dashboard.

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  1. Be sure that you have satisfied all the [requirements](🔗) for PB.

  2. Within `setup()` of an embedded [cloud-hosted or self-hosted JWP web player](🔗), add an `advertising` object that defines IMA ads will be served. Be sure to replace `{id}` with a randomly-generated, eight-character, alpha-numeric value. This enables you to run reports for this advertising setup.

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  1. Add the `schedule` object. At the minimum, you must assign an ad tag to the `tag` property and assign `pre` to the `offset` property.<br /><br />The ad tag is the tag to which PB appends parameters. These parameters are added to the GAM master video ad tag requested by IMA. PB supports configuring `offset` for mid-roll and post-roll breaks. Since the auction happens before video playback begins and bids may not be valid when a mid-roll or post-roll ad break occurs, we recommend configuring `offset` for pre-roll ad breaks.

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  1. Add the [bids object](🔗).

  2. Within the `bids` object, configure the [bidders object](🔗) for an ad partner. You can combine multiple ad partners into a single array of objects.

  3. Within the `bids` object, configure the [settings object](🔗). Be sure to define the <<glossary:floor price>> (`floorPriceCents`) and <<glossary:price bucket>> (`buckets`).<br /><br />When defining price buckets, define the minimum (`min`) and maximum (`max`) price bucket values. Use `increment` to define the size of each price bucket in cents.


Determining the best floor price depends upon various factors. If you need assistance determining the best floor price, please consult with your JWP representative or SSP partner.

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  1. **(Strongly recommended)** Within the `settings` object, add configure the [consentManagement object](🔗) to manage EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) settings.

With the GDPR improvements introduced in <a href="https://prebid.org/blog/prebid-js-release-4-0/" target="_blank">Prebid.js 4</a>, JWP has updated its Player Bidding product to give you greater control over your GDPR settings. All publishers are expected to have a consent management platform (CMP) and understand how it works. Prebid.js offers some <a href="https://docs.prebid.org/dev-docs/cmp-best-practices.html" target="_blank">CMP guidance</a>.

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## Full code sample

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## Additional settings

After implementing the basic PB setup, you can customize your implementation with any of these additional properties.

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### advertising

For explanations of each property listed below, see: [advertising](🔗).

  • **autoplayadsmuted**    • **companiondiv** _See: [advertising.companiondiv](🔗)_    • **forceNonLineatFullSlot**    • **loadVideoTimeout**    • **locale**    • **maxRedirects** _NOTE: A maximum redirect of 4-8 is recommended for maximum PB yield._    • **placement**    • **preloadAds**    • **requestTimeout**    • **rules** _See: [advertising.rules](🔗)_    • **schedule** _See: [advertising.schedule](🔗)_    • **vastLoadTimeout**    • **vpaidcontrols**    • **vpaidmode**    • **withCredentials**

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### advertising.bids

For an explanation of the property listed below, see: [advertising.bids](🔗).

  • **bidOnBreaks**

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### advertising.bids.settings

For explanations of each property listed below, see: [advertising.bids.settings](🔗).

  • **bidTimeout**    • **floorPriceCurrency**

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### advertising.companiondiv

For explanations of each property listed below, see: [advertising.companiondiv](🔗).

  • **height**    • **id**    • **width**

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### advertising.rules

For explanations of each property listed below, see: [advertising.rules](🔗).

  • **frequency**    • **startOn**    • **startOnSeek**    • **timeBetweenAds**

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### advertising.schedule

For explanations of each property listed below, see: [advertising.schedule](🔗).

  • **customParams**    • **type**

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### autoPause

For explanations of each property listed below, see: [autoPause](🔗).

  • **pauseAds**    • **viewability**

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### intl.{lang}.advertising

For explanations of each property listed below, see: [intl.{lang}.advertising](🔗).

  • **admessage**    • **cuetext**    • **loadingAd**

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