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If you have hundreds of videos hosted on or registered with your account, Recommendations automates the generation of a playlist based on a seed video and provides you options to customize the appearance and behavior of that playlist.


Screenshot of Recommendations view

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## Requirements

In addition to the general iOS SDK requirements, the following items are required to implement Recommendations.

**50 videos**<br />**_(recommended)_**This is the suggested minimum number of videos that should be in your JWP library.
**Recommendations feature**If this product is not already enabled in your account, contact your JWP representative.

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## Configure the Recommendations display options

Use the following recipe to setup the Recommendations view.

iOS v4 | tvOS: Set Up Recommendations
Open Recipe

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## Related Delegates

`func playerViewController(_ controller: JWPlayerViewController, relatedMenuOpenedWithItems items: [JWPlayerItem], withMethod method: JWRelatedInteraction)`Triggers when the related view is opened
`func playerViewController(_ controller: JWPlayerViewController, relatedMenuClosedWithMethod method: JWRelatedInteraction)`Triggers when the related view is closed
`func playerViewController(_ controller: JWPlayerViewController, relatedItemBeganPlaying item: JWPlayerItem, atIndex index: Int, withMethod method: JWRelatedInteraction)`Triggers when a user selects an object in a related feed or the first item starts playing

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