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Chapter markers allow viewers to easily navigate through different sections or segments of the video. Adding chapters to your videos will benefit your viewers in the following ways:

  • Reading the title of the chapter or section when hovering over a chapter marker

  • Navigating to a specific point in a video after clicking a cue point

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## Requirement

<a href="https://docs.jwplayer.com/platform/docs/vdh-vtt-file-creation" target="_blank">WebVTT (.vtt) file</a>File containing the information to define a chapters in a video

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## Add a chapter marker

Use the following recipe to add chapter markers a player item.

iOS: Add chapter markers
Open Recipe

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Once chapter markers have been added to a player item, you can [listen for](πŸ”—ο»Ώ) and respond to a chapter event.

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