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If you have an existing Video Prebid implementation and some of your ad partners are not integrated with PB, you can still use PB. PB permits multiple, side-by-side video bidding implementations.

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## Demo

<a href="https://demos.jwplayer.com/video-player-bidding-with-existing-prebid/" target="_blank"><img src="https://img.shields.io/badge/PB-Combine%20PB%20with%20Existing%20Prebid.js-blue?logo=Javascript"></a>

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## Set up Player Bidding

**If you manage your line items in Google Ad Manager (GAM)**, use the following steps to implement PB with an existing Video Prebid implementation or <a href="https://aps.amazon.com/aps/transparent-ad-marketplace/" target="_blank">Amazon TAM</a>:

  1. Add the <a href="/players/docs/jw8-add-a-player-library" target="_blank">JWP library</a> to the `<head>` of your page.

  2. In a text editor, follow the steps to create the advertising object for <a href="/players/docs/jw8-set-up-pb-for-gam-mediation" target="_blank">setting up PB for GAM mediation</a>.


    Be sure to set `"tag": "DFP_TAG"`.

  3. Copy and paste the following code to your page.

  1. In the code you pasted in the previous step, replace `{dfp_ad_tag}` with your ad tag.

  2. Replace `{playlist_url or video_url}` with the URL of a playlist or video.

  3. Replace the `advertising` object with the `advertising` object in your text editor from step 2.

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**Combining with Player Bidding**: If you have an existing Prebid implementation and some of your ad partners are not integrated with Player Bidding, you can still use this implementation with a JW Player instance configured to use Player Bidding.

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