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An engaging app experience is not driven solely by media and player functionality. In many use cases, you have added a video player to enhance the user's experience of your app -- not to showcase the video player.

Through the iOS SDK's [customization options](🔗), you can add a video player that seamlessly blends with the aesthetic of your app and strengthens your brand.

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## Player Skin

To customize the player's skin you must set a `JWPlayerSkin` instance to your instance of `JWPlayerViewController`.

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### Color Customization

Using `JWPlayerSkin` you can edit the color of the elements contained in the `controlbar, timeslider`, and `menus`.

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## Branding Image

The JWP iOS SDK enables you to add a branding image (logo or watermark) to the player.


iPhone screen with a JWP branding logo

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Within the `JWPlayerViewController`, use <a href="https://sdk.jwplayer.com/ios/v4/reference/Classes/JWLogoBuilder.html" target="_blank">JWLogoBuilder()</a> to create a `JWLogo` object. Be sure to define `imageFile`.