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Video Ad Targeting is a JWP feature that increases advertising revenues by sending unique performance and contextual signals to buyers. Implementing this feature by adding a prebid module is an easy way to take advantage of the benefits without making major changes to your exisiting header bidding setup.

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## Intended Audience

This documentation specifically caters to developers who use Prebid.js on their pages. An understanding of the following Prebid.js concepts is required:

  • <a href="http://prebid.org/dev-docs/getting-started.html" target="_blank">Prebid.js implementation and configuration</a>

  • Ad unit configuration (including <a href="http://prebid.org/dev-docs/publisher-api-reference.html#module_pbjs.addAdUnits" target="_blank">adding bids</a> in `addAdUnits`)

  • Bid configuration

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## Requirements

**JWP media IDs**Unique identifier for a JWP video<br /><br />If you do not know the ID of the applicable video, use one of the following approaches to retrieve the media ID: <br /><br />**API approach**:<br /><br />1. Make a [GET https://api.jwplatform.com/v1/videos/list](πŸ”—ο»Ώ) call.<br />2. In the API response, locate the `videos[].key` of the applicable video. <hr />**Dashboard approach**:<br /><br />From the <a href="https://dashboard.jwplayer.com/#/content/list" target="_blank">video list page</a>, copy the ID in the **MEDIA ID** column.<br /><br />_If the MEDIA ID column is not exposed, click the gear icon above the list of videos. From the list that appears, select **Media ID**._
**JWP player ID**Unique identifier for a JWP HTML5 player<br /><br />This is the ID of the HTML DIV element used when instantiating the JWP instance. You can retrieve this ID by calling `player.id`, where `player` is the JWP instance variable.
**Existing Prebid.js implementation**If needed, read Prebid.js's <a href="http://prebid.org/dev-docs/getting-started.html" target="_blank">Getting started</a> to set up a Prebid.js implementation.

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## Implementation

Please follow the instructions listed in <strong><a href="https://docs.prebid.org/dev-docs/modules/jwplayerRtdProvider.html" target="_blank">Prebid's documentation for our module</a></strong>.

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