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When an app runs in the background, the app continues performing tasks or services while the user interacts with other apps or the system. Each player feature has a default background behavior. The following sections highlight the default behaviors of player features and how to alter those behaviors.

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## Ad Playback

During ad playback, a non-viewable ad automatically pauses when the app is backgrounded.

ClientBehavior When App is Backgrounded

When a different behavior is desired for ad playback, you can set client-level or view controller-level properties.

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The following recipe demonstrates how to use `JWAdvertisingConfig.adSettings` to specify the ad playback behavior when an app is backgrounded.

iOS v4: Configure ad playback during app backgrounding
Open Recipe

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## Media Playback

During media playback, media will continue to play when the app is backgrounded. To pause content when backgrounding, listen for background notifications on your application’s `AppDelegate`.

Apple’s <a href="https://developer.apple.com/documentation/uikit/uiapplicationdelegate" target="_blank">UIApplicationDelegate</a> reference provides for more information on available background and foreground delegate methods.

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