Resources and Subresources

The Platform Management API is a RESTful API structured around resources.

A resource provides a common structure to manage aspects of your JW Player products and features. For example, in the route /v2/sites/{site_id}/media, media is a resource.

Some resources have subresources. A subresource shares an ID with a resource and inherits information (like created, last_updated) from that resource. A subresource provides a more specific context for interacting with a resource. For example, in the route /v2/sites/site_id/playlists/article_matching_playlist/, an article matching playlist is a subresource of the playlist resource.

While certain resources and subresources have resource-specific fields, all resources and subresources share certain features:

  • Immutable top-level properties
  • Mutable metadata object properties
  • Common top-level properties

    "id": "aOZemz0s",
    "type": "media",
    "created": "2019-09-25T15:29:11.042095+00:00",
    "last_modified": "2019-09-25T15:29:11.042095+00:00"
    "metadata": {
    "relationships": {
created stringDate and time at which the resource was created
id stringUnique identifier for a resource

This ID is the value used to refer to a specific resource.
last_modified stringDate and time at which the resource was most recently modified
metadata objectMutable properties defining the resource
relationshipsΒ objectAncillary resources associated to the primary resource being read
type stringName of the type of resource