Integrations (Standalone)

Choose the guide to help you integrate Studio DRM Standalone with your desired video player.

After packaging your media you can integrate Studio DRM Standalone with your desired video player. The following guides detail how to integrate Studio DRM Standalone with the common types of video players. To play back encrypted video you must integrate the Studio DRM Token API.

If your type of player is not listed or you need additional assistance, please contact JW Support.

Integration TypeNotes
Android Widevine SDKDRM playback on Android devices can be achieved using ExoPlayer and MediaDrm API.

The Studio DRM Widevine SDK is an Android Archive (AAR) which can be used with ExoPlayer 2.12.1 to symplify the playback of the DRM content. It has been developed to specifically manage the DRM session, allowing complete asset and player management. It can be integrated into your Android application.
ChromecastThe Google Cast framework enables a viewer to stream video and audio content to a compatible TV or sound system.

By enabling the Google Cast framework in your app, a viewer can use a cast button to stream your content to a Cast-enabled device on a shared network connection.
iOS / tvOS FairPlay SDKThe Studio DRM FairPlay SDK enables Apple’s AVPlayer from AVFoundation to securely request licenses from JW Player's Studio DRM cloud-based DRM platform.

Studio DRM uses AVPlayer and AVPlayerViewController to present users with the platform default skins, with DRM content, or with your own created video player based on AVPlayer.
Smart TVsSafeguard your media in your Smart TV apps with Studio DRM.

Studio DRM supports the following manufacturers:
   • LG
   • Roku
   • Samsung (Tizen)
Web PlayersSafeguard your media in your web players with Studio DRM Standalone.

Studio DRM Standalone can be implemented with JW Player, dash.js, Shaka, and most other commercial players.