Getting started (Standalone)

Learn about Studio DRM Standalone and how to implement it.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) enables you to protect your content from unauthorized consumption. However, cross-platform compatibility is one of the challenges of using DRM. Different platforms and devices use different DRM systems for protected playback.

Studio DRM’s multi-DRM solution enables you to protect your media across multiple technologies1 and devices:

  • CPIX encryption key provisioning
  • API-based DRM policy creation and management
  • DRM license generation and management for Widevine, PlayReady, and Fairplay DRM solutions
  • License delivery services for LIVE or VOD content playback on any device

Using Studio DRM Standalone allows you to integrate our multi-DRM service with your own video pipeline.

1 Studio DRM blocks recording via browser extensions/add-ons or certain software programs on the application level, but is not guaranteed for all web browsers. Blocking screen recording depends on the Content Decryption Module (CDM) used in the browser. The CDM may vary with browsers updates and versions.


If you use JW Player for your hosting and streaming you can enable Studio DRM with JW Platform.



The two most recent stable versions of the following listed browsers are supported.

HTML5 Browsers FairPlay PlayReady Widevine
Internet Explorer 11
(Windows 8.1+)
Microsoft Edge
(Windows 10+)

Mobile Phones and Tablets

Browsers & Phones FairPlay PlayReady Widevine
Android 5+
Chrome (Android)
3 most recent stable versions
iOS/iPadOS 12+
Safari (iOS)
2 most recent stable versions
Windows Phone


Device FairPlay PlayReady Widevine
Android TV
Apple TV 12.0+
Fire TV 6.0+
2 most recent versions
Samsung Tizen
(Models 2017+)
Smart TV Alliance (webOS 6.0+)
LG, Panasonic, Philips, Toshiba


Item Information
API key Authentication token enabling access to query Studio DRM APIs


The Studio DRM Standalone API key must be used and not your JW Platform Management API or Delivery API keys.

If you do not know or have not been given your Studio DRM Standalone API key please contact JWP Support.

Be sure to keep your Studio DRM Standalone API key secure! Do not share your Studio DRM Standalone API in public environments like online forums, StackOverflow, or client-side code.

Client name Unique account identifier that is typically the name of the client company

This value is used for token generation.

If you do not know or have not been given your client name please contact JWP Support.
DRM entitlement Contact your JW Player representative for more information.
FairPlay Certification URL Enables HLS content protected by Apple's FairPlay DRM to be played in Safari and on iOS devices


Since acquiring a FairPlay certificate URL can take several weeks, we recommend requesting the FPS Deployment Package from Apple as soon as possible.

After receiving your FPS Deployment Package, you will need to provide the following items:

  • Private Key: File name privatekey.pem and encrypted with a password
  • Private Key Password: Password to decrypt the private key
  • Application Secret Key (ASK): File named Ask.txt
  • FairPlay Certificate: File named fairplay.cer


Use the following steps to integrate Studio DRM Standalone with your player:

  1. Package your content.
  2. Generate a Studio DRM token.
  3. Integrate Studio DRM Standalone with your player.

Stream Tester

Validate your Studio DRM-protected stream in web environments using the JWP Stream Tester.