Packaging Guides (Standalone)

Choose the guide to help you package your media for use with Studio DRM Standalone.


If you are using JW Platform for hosting, processing, and delivering of your VOD media, or are using JW’s Broadcast Live, you do not need to package your media. JW Platform will package your media.

Studio DRM Standalone is compatible with any media packaging service that supports the Content Protection Information Exchange Format (CPIX). The Studio DRM CPIX API will return a CPIX document that contains keys and DRM information used for encrypting and protecting video content.

JWP uses Unified Streaming’s packager and origin to serve LIVE and VOD DRM content through the JW Platform.

The following table outlines packagers that have been tried and tested with Studio DRM.

AWS Media ServicesLearn how to use AWS Media Services with Studio DRM: packaging your media, creating a bucket, and creating a job.
Bento4Bento4 is a C++ class library and tools designed to read and write ISO-MP4 files.

In addition to supporting ISO-MP4, Bento4 provides support for multiple DRM systems that are compatible with MP4-formatted content (usually leveraging CENC Common Encryption), such as PlayReady, Widevine, and FairPlay.
NGINX VOD ModuleThe NGINX VOD Module is an .mp4 file repackager.

Learn how to use the CPIX Key Provider API to request encryption keys to integrate with Kaltura's NGINX VOD Module.
Shaka PackagerThe Shaka Packager is a media packaging and development framework for VOD and Live DASH and HLS applications, supporting Common Encryption for Widevine and other DRM Systems.
Unified PackagerThe Unified Packager works with content protection schemes, such as encryption, DRM, and multiple-key DRM, to create a seamless viewer experience.

The Unified Packager can be used in conjunction with the Unified Origin. Both Broadcast Live and the JW Platform make heavy use of this software to deliver DRM video.
WowzaWowza Media Systems (Wowza) is a streaming solutions provider. Encryption keys requested and retrieved through any supported key provider API are compatible with Wowza.

Stream Tester

Validate your Studio DRM-protected stream in web environments using the JWP Stream Tester.