Delivery API Overview

The Delivery API delivers your content (such as single-media playback, media, and playlists) and hosted players to your viewers and external partners.


The single-media playback endpoint is recommended for playback of all single-media, but not currently for RSS feeds. Use the media endpoint for the latter.

Designed for high availability and low latency, the Delivery API offers the following features:

  • Support for high-volume API requests and streaming
  • Short caching to optimize response times globally
  • Content packaged into easily consumable templates: JSON and RSS and feeds, player javascript, ad schedules, adaptive bitrate streaming manifests, and various quality renditions of each media
  • Metadata for content filtering
  • Ability to secure your content as needed, including signed (expiring) links, geographic restrictions, DRM, and content publishing and expiration scheduling


If you need to upload, update, or delete content, use the Management API.

After using the Management API or JWP dashboard to upload or update content, there may be up to 3 minutes of caching before the content's assets are available in the Delivery API.