STREAM FAQ: Which features change when a property is DRM-enabled?

Answer. Property, playlist, and video features related to playing, copying, or sharing protected content have been disabled.

To help deter users of the dashboard from playing, copying, or sharing protected content, additional safety feature have been added to several property, playlist, and video features.

Disabled features

The following table details features that are disabled for DRM-enabled properties.



None of these features can be enabled for DRM-enabled properties.

AreaFeature changes
Playlist pagesOn a DRM-enabled property, playlist details pages include a drop-down menu allowing you to select a policy ID. This generates a pre-signed URL for the Playlists API for those DRM assets as a convenience.

Additional signing is required for individual assets and playback.
Social sharingThis feature has been disabled when a property is DRM-enabled.
Video details pageThe following features are disabled:

   • Embedding
   • Sharing
   • Trimming
   • Video asset downloads
   • Video preview

Additionally, the sources list is hidden.
Videos list pageThe following features are disabled:

   • Copying videos to another property
   • Embedding videos
   • Social sharing



Enable DRM with JW Stream