Release Notes

The Studio DRM Standalone release notes highlight the additions and improvements JWP has made. If you have any questions after reading a release note and linked documentation, please contact your JWP representative.


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Date Description
Aug 2022 Updates
  • Added support for SPEKE v2 Milestone 3 which allows multiple encryption presets for live to the SPEKE Key Provider API


Date Description
May 2022 Updates


Date Description
Apr 2022 Updates
  • Expanded Studio DRM Token API v2 geo restrictions to include support for metro code whitelisting. Use the `metro_code_whitelist` parameter to set DRM policies based on metro codes. Note that metro code whitelisting is not supported in the legacy v1 Studio DRM Token API.
  • FairPlay response from the SPEKE Key Provider API can now contain PSSH value if requested
  • Added MSS support to CPIX documents in the CPIX API


Date Description
Nov 2021 Updates
  • Add Token v2 support to the PlayReady license server


Date Description
Sep 2021 Fixes


Date Description
Aug 2021 Removals
  • The Milan based cluster that was released for the Euro 2020 Championship has been removed and is no longer serving traffic.


Date Description
Jul 2021 Updates
  • Multikey support is now available for all DRM providers via our CPIX API. See documentation for more details.
  • Beta release for Studio DRM Token v2


Date Description
Jun 2021 Updates
  • New cluster based in Milan has been released and is serving traffic for the duration of the Euro 2020 Championship


VUDRM was rebranded as Studio DRM following the acquisition of Vualto by JW Player in May 2021. Any remaining references to VUDRM in our documentation or in the Studio DRM Admin portal should be assumed to refer to Studio DRM.


Date Description
Nov 2020 Updates
  • All license requests can now accept a VUDRM token in the request body, header, or as a query string parameter
  • VPN’s and TOR networks can now be blocked by setting block_vpn_and_tor in a VUDRM token’s policy
  • Widevine license server now returns x-request-id instead of vualto-transaction-id bringing it inline with web standards


Date Description
Sep 2020 Updates
  • Improved license server responses to aid in issue detection
  • New VUDRM cluster based in Paris has been released and is serving traffic
  • The match_content_id parameter in token policies now supports content encrypted with multiple keys from our CPIX API


Date Description
Jul 2020 Updates
  • New VUDRM cluster based in Oregon has been released and is serving traffic
  • NGINX VOD Module support added to CPIX API Harmonic support added to CPIX API
  • GEO based restrictions can now be set in VUDRM token policy


Date Description
May 2020 Updates
  • New VUDRM cluster based in Bahrain has been released and is serving traffic
  • New endpoint for VUDRM CPIX API has been released to work with USP version 1.9.5
  • Infrastructure update to ensure latest security patches are running on all VUDRM clusters.

Android Widevine SDK

v1.0.0 (16)

Version Date Description
v1.0.0 (16) 17 Mar 2022 Updates

iOS / tvOS FairPlay SDK

v1.0.0 (24/25)

Version Date Description
v1.0.0 (24/25) 08 Feb 2022 Updates