Adds an array of cues to the existing cues displayed on the time slider

New cues are appended to cues already on the time slider.

        "begin": 60,
        "cueType": "custom"
        "text": "Cue Text"
begin* numberCue location relative to the start of the media item, in seconds
text* stringLabel for the cue
cueType 8.14.0+ stringClass name for the cue

When defined, the value of this property creates a CSS class with the name .jw-cue-type-{cueType_VALUE}. This class can then be styled with the selector .jw-slider-time .jw-cue-type-{cueType_VALUE}

The example above creates: .jw-cue-type-custom. To style all cues associated with this CSS class, use the selector .jw-slider-time .jw-cue-type-custom for all cues associated with this class.