This options block controls a settings submenu with social sharing options: copy embed code, copy video link and share video to social networks.


If you are not a developer, do not have developer resources, or prefer a simpler implementation, you can set up social sharing from your JWP dashboard.

Setting an empty "sharing":{} options block will enable the social sharing menu and icon in the control bar. Without the nested config options, it will show the page URL link with default sharing sites, but no embed code.


When a viewer uses this sharing feature, the whole page where the video is embedded is shared. This feature does not share specific playlist items within a playlist.

    "file": "",
    "sharing": {
        "sites": ["reddit", "facebook", "twitter"]
Property Description
code string Embed code to display in the embed code field

If no code is set, the field is not shown.
heading < 8.6.0 string Short, instructive text to display at the top of the sharing screen

Default: Share Video

WARNING: Starting with JWP 8.6.0, use intl.{lang}.sharing.heading.
link string If defined, when the video is shared from the player, the recipient will be referred to this URL

Default: URL of the current page

NOTE: link can be defined per playlistitem
sites array Allows for the customization of social icons

Default: ["facebook", "twitter", "email"]

Available Built-In Social Networks

Social NetworkConfiguration ValueSocial NetworkConfiguration Value