Time slider

This options block enables a new time slider and allows for toggling the thumb or knob.

    "playlist": "https://cdn.jwplayer.com/v2/media/hWF9vG66",
    "timeSlider": {
        "legacy": true,
        "preferChapterImages": false,
        "showKnob": true,
        "showAdMarkers": false
Property Description
showAdMarkers boolean Controls whether ad markers or an ad countdown displays

Possible Values:
  • false: (Default) Ad markers are removed from the time slider, and an ad countdown element appears five seconds before a mid-roll begins.
  • true: Ad markers are displayed on the time slider.
showKnob boolean Controls whether the time slider knob is displayed

Possible Values:
  • true: (Default) Time slider knob is displayed.
  • false: Time slide knob is not displayed.