These API calls are used to create players and provide setup information.


jwplayer( div ).setup(options)Creates a new JW Player on your web page.
.remove()The reverse of the setup() call, this call will remove a JW Player from the page. It ensures the player stops playback, the DOM is re-set to its original state and all event listeners and timers are cleaned up. Any event listeners will need to be re-instantiated if another player is set up.
.setConfig()Set one or more of the following video attributes after the player has already setup.
.getProvider()Returns the provider being utilized by JW Player for a particular media file. JW Player will always technically render in HTML5 mode, even if it is using a Flash-based provider.
.getContainer()Returns the entire HTML of the div in which a JW Player instance exists. This includes all IDs, styles, classes, and content.
.getEnvironment()Returns the browser and operating system information in which the player thinks it's in.
.getPlugin()Targets a particular plugin for API calls. Currently functions with our Sharing and Related plugins.


.on('ready')Signifies when the player has been initialized and is ready for playback. This is the earliest point at which any API calls should be made.
.on('setupError')Fired when neither the player could be set up.
.on('remove')Triggered when the player is taken off of a page via .remove();