Google Analytics (ga)

Configures the built-in integration with Google Analytics

To capture player events in a Google Analytics account, Google Analytics must be implemented on same page as the player.


JWP does not support GA4 via Google Tag Manager (GTM).

"ga":  {
    "label": "mediaid",
    "sendEnhancedEvents": true
Property Description
label string Defines the playlist property to use as the event label in Google Analytics, such as title or mediaid

Default: file
sendEnhancedEvents 8.27.0+ boolean (Google Analytics 4) Determines if enhanced measurement values and naming are returned for the events

Possible Values:
  • false: (Default) JWP events are fired with old event names and old parameters
  • true: All JWP events are fired with new event name prepended with video_ and include the following new G4 video parameters:

    • video_current_time
    • video_duration
    • video_percent
    • video_provider
    • video_title
    • video_url
    • visible


An empty ga object ("ga":{}) can also be defined. All default values will be set.