This options block configures the styling of closed captions in the player for desktop browsers.

On iOS and Android, a system settings menu provides exactly the same settings, as these are mandated by the FCC.


If you want to control if captions are rendered using the renderer of the browser or the player, set the renderCaptionsNatively property at the global level of setup().

backgroundColor string
Hex color of the caption characters background"#000000"
backgroundOpacity numberAlpha percentage of the caption characters background75
color stringHex color of the captions text"#ffffff"
edgeStyle stringMethod by which the captions characters are separated from their background"none"
fontFamily stringFont Family of the captions text"sans"
fontOpacity numberAlpha percentage of the captions text100
fontSize numberSize of the captions text (Will not affect text size when rendering captions via browser)15
windowColor stringHex color of the background of the entire captions area"#000000"
windowOpacity numberAlpha percentage of the background of the entire captions area0


When setting caption styles, color must be specified as a hex value.