This object controls the playlist appearance and behaviors.

Property Description
autoplaymessage < 8.6.0 string A custom message that appears during autoplay

  • xx will be replaced by the countdown timer.
  • __title__ will be replaced by the next title in the related feed.
Default: __title__ will play in xx seconds

WARNING: Starting with JWP 8.6.0, use the intl object to set this property.
autoplaytimer number Number of seconds to wait before playing the next related video in your content list

Set to 0 to have your next related content to play immediately.

Default: 10
displayMode 8.1.9+ string Configures the playlist user interface

Possible values:
  • overlay: (Default for manual and dynamic playlists) Adds a "more videos" icon to the control bar

    When clicked, an overlay takes over the player and pauses playback.
  • shelf: (Default for Recommendations) Adds a horizontal bar of thumbnails above the control bar that allows viewers to browse recommended videos during the playback experience

    The shelf can be collapsed into a "More Videos" button, which appears above the control bar. Due to size constraints, small players fall back to "overlay" mode.
  • none 8.9.0+: With the exception of the next up button in the control bar, removes all aspects of the playlist interface

    Set this value when using a custom external playlist user interface.
  • shelfWidget 8.5.0+: Adds a persistent horizontal bar of thumbnails outside and beneath the player that allows viewers to browse recommended videos during the playback experience

    Use selector to configure shelf location.
file string Location of a JSON or RSS file that contains a recommendations playlist

Use this property to associate a recommendations playlist with all playlists in a player. To associate a recommendations playlist with a specific playlist or playlist item, use playlist[].recommendations.
onclick string Behavior when a related video is selected

Possible values:
  • play: (Default) Plays the next video within the current player
  • link: Redirects the page to the url specified in the related item's link field
oncomplete string Behavior of the related videos overlay when a single video or playlist is completed

Possible values:
  • none 8.9.0+: (Default) No overlay appears and player automatically advances to the next playlist item

    If there is no media item to advance to, the replay button appears.
  • show < 8.9.0: (Default, excluding 8.9.0+) Display the related overlay
  • autoplay: Displays the related overlay and automatically plays the next video in your related feed after 10 seconds

    This option also automatically sets the onclick behavior to play.
  • hide: Replay button and related icon will appear
selector 8.6.0+ string CSS selector that points to an HTML element that is used as the container when displayMode is set to shelfWidget

This property can be configured in the following ways:
  • Undefined HTML element and selector An element with id="{playerID}-shelf-widget" is created. By default, the shelf widget displays in <div id="{playerID}-shelf-widget"> directly below the player. The shelf widget size is responsive to the player.

    You can also assign this ID to a different HTML element on your page. This allows you to set the widget location without defining a new selector. If you assign this ID to a different HTML element, the shelf widget size is responsive to the HTML element.

  • Defined HTML element and selector: If the HTML element has an ID (myDefinedID) and "selector": "#myDefinedID", shelf widget is placed inside the of HTML element with id="myDefinedId". The shelf widget size is responsive to the HTML element.