In JW8, we've removed our browser/OS inspection utils, is* (isChrome, isAndroid, etc.), and have replaced them with this Environment object.

Returns the browser and operating system information in which the player thinks it's in.


  "Browser": {
    "chrome": true,
    "edge": false,
    "facebook": false,
    "firefox": false,
    "ie": false,    // Used for IE 11+
    "msie": false,    // Used for IE 10 and below
    "safari": false,
    "version": {
      "version": "60.0.3112.113",
      "major": 60,
      "minor": 0
  "OS": {
    "android": false,   // Android Chrome
    "androidNative": false,   // Android native browser
    "iOS": false,
    "mobile": false,
    "mac": true,
    "iPad": false,
    "iPhone": false,
    "windows": false,
    "version": {
      "version": "10_12_6",
      "major": 10,
      "minor": 12
  "Features": {
    "flash": true,   // Does the browser environment support Flash?
    "flashVersion": 26,
    "iframe": false    // Is the session in an iframe?