This options block configures a clickable watermark that is overlayed on the video.

    "file": "http://example.com/myVideo.mp4",
    "logo": {
        "file": "/assets/jw-logo-red-46px.png",
        "link": "https://www.jwplayer.com",
        "hide": "true",
        "position": "top-left"
Property Description
file string URL of an external JPG, PNG or GIF image to be used as watermark

Example: "/assets/logo.png"

We recommend using 24-bit PNG images with transparency.
hide boolean When this option is set to true, the logo will automatically show and hide along with the other player controls

Default: false
link string URL to visit when the watermark image is clicked

Clicking a logo will have no affect unless this is configured.
margin number Distance, in pixels, of the logo from the edges of the display

Default: 8
position 8.0+ string Sets the corner in which to display the watermark

Setting "control-bar" adds the logo as the leftmost icon in the right grouping of buttons in the control bar.

Possible values:
  • "top-right" (Default)
  • "bottom-left"
  • "bottom-right"
  • "control-bar"
  • "top-left"


We highly recommend using low-resolution images for logos in the player, as Internet Explorer may not resize an image, especially if it is high-resolution.