This options block configures a clickable watermark that is overlayed on the video.

    "file": "http://example.com/myVideo.mp4",
    "logo": {
        "file": "/assets/jw-logo-red-46px.png",
        "link": "https://www.jwplayer.com",
        "hide": "true",
        "position": "top-left"
file stringThe URL of an external JPG, PNG or GIF image to be used as watermark (e.g. /assets/logo.png). We recommend using 24 bit PNG images with transparency-
hide booleanWhen this option is set to true, the logo will automatically show and hide along with the other player controlsfalse
link stringThe URL to visit when the watermark image is clicked. Clicking a logo will have no affect unless this is configured-
margin numberThe distance, in pixels, of the logo from the edges of the display8
position 8.0+ stringThis sets the corner in which to display the watermark. "control-bar" adds the logo as the leftmost icon in the right grouping of buttons in the control bar.



We highly recommend using low-resolution images for logos in the player, as Internet Explorer may not resize an image, especially if it is high-resolution.