Buffer Events


These API calls are used to update clients with the percentage of a file that is buffered into the player. This only applies to VOD media; live streaming media (HLS/DASH) does not expose this behavior.


Fired when the currently playing item loads additional data into its buffer.

Returns an object with the following:

bufferPercent numberPercentage between 0 and 100 of the current media that is buffered.
duration numberCurrent media's duration (In seconds)
metadataΒ object(Flash HLS-Only) Contains bandwidth and droppedFrames values

See: Metadata Object below for more info

NOTE: As per Adobe, Flash Player is no longer supported.
position numberCurrent position of the media file (in seconds)

Metadata Object

bandwidth numberCurrent download speed in bits per second.
droppedFrames numberAmount of dropped frames caused by a buffer change.