Create a reproduction page for an HTML5 player

Create a reproduction page to help our Support Team help you to resolve HTML5 player issues.

After reading our documentation, reviewing our code samples, and examining our demo, you may still be unable to resolve an implementation issue. At this point, you should submit a support ticket that includes a URL link to a web-based, reproduction page that JWP's Support Team can access.

Reproduction pages reduce the time necessary to resolve your issue in several ways:

  • Clearly shows your implementation of our code
  • Eliminates non-essential code and libraries
  • Enables the Support Team to suggest code revisions

Create a reproduction page

There are several ways to embed the player. The following table notes things to include in your reproduction page for each type of player embed.

Dashboard embed
(JavaScript or iFrame)
• Include dashboard embed code.
• Include any custom, event-driven player code.
WordPress embed• Include the WordPress shortcode.
• Disable non-essential plug-ins in your plug-in library.
Manual embed• Include the player library URL.
• Clearly identify the div for the player, if applicable.
• Include jwplayer().setup().
• If the player is self-hosted, include the license key on the page.
• Include any custom and/or event-driven player code.
• Remove JavaScript code and libraries not required by the player, like jQuery or require.js.
• Remove CSS code or stylesheets not used by the player.

Dashboard JavaScript embed example

  <head> ... </head>  
    <script  src=""></script>  

Dashboard iFrame embed example

  <head> ... </head>  
    <iframe  src=""  width="100%"  height="100%"  frameborder="0"  scrolling="auto"  allowfullscreen  style="position:absolute;"></iframe> 

Manual embed example

    <script  src=""></script>  
    <!-- Here is the <div> for the player -->  <div  id="myElement"></div> 
    <script  type="text/JavaScript"> jwplayer("myElement").setup({  "playlist":  ""  }); 

Submit a HTML5 player support ticket

When submitting a HTML5 player issue support ticket, please provide the following information in the Description field of your support ticket:

  • Browser name and version
  • Operating system name and version
  • Device make and model
  • What behavior do you expect from the player?
  • What behavior is actually occurring with the player?
  • Provide step-by-step instructions to reproduce this behavior on your reproduction page

In the Reproduction page field, enter the URL of your reproduction page.