Troubleshoot analytics discrepencies (Web Player)

Learn how to troubleshoot discrepancies in analytics metrics

When comparing metrics from multiple sources, discrepancies of less than 15% can be expected. Discrepancies can occur due to ad blockers that can prevent analytics tracking or different methods used to calculate metrics.

Troubleshoot a discrepancy

If you experience a discrepancy that is greater than 15%, follow these steps:

  1. Confirm that your third-party analytics solution has been accurately configured with the player events you want to track.
  2. If you continue to see a discrepancy, submit a support ticket. Be sure to include answers to the questions in the Submit a support ticket section below.

Submit a support ticket

When submitting an analytics discrepancy support ticket, please provide the following:

  1. Answers to the following questions:

    • With which metrics do discrepancies greater than 15% occur?
    • Expressed as a percentage, how large is the discrepancy?
    • Which third-party analytics solutions do you use?
    • For which events are you listening?
    • When did the discrepancy begin?
    • Is the discrepancy still appearing in your reports?
    • Have any recent code changes been made to your properties?
    • Have any recent changes been made to your player configuration, settings, or playlists?
  2. Raw data from your third-party analytics solution. The data should cover a data range from a few weeks leading up to the discrepancy to then a few weeks after. The data should be broken out by date, geography, page URL, domain, browser, and device.