Player Backgrounding Reference (iOS)

Learn how player features behave when an app is backgrounded

When an app runs in the background, the app continues performing tasks or services while the user interacts with other apps or the system. Each player feature has a default background behavior. The following sections highlight the default behaviors of player features and how to alter those behaviors.

Ad Playback

During ad playback, a non-viewable ad automatically pauses when the app is backgrounded.

ClientBehavior When App is Backgrounded

When a different behavior is desired for ad playback, you can set client-level or view controller-level properties.

The following recipe demonstrates how to use JWAdvertisingConfig.adSettings to specify the ad playback behavior when an app is backgrounded.

Media Playback

During media playback, media will continue to play when the app is backgrounded. To pause content when backgrounding, listen for background notifications on your application’s AppDelegate.


Apple’s UIApplicationDelegate reference provides for more information on available background and foreground delegate methods.