Schedule FreeWheel ads (Web Player)

Add advertising breaks to your content when using the FreeWheel Ad Manager ad client.

If you have an existing relationship with FreeWheel, you can configure JWP's FreeWheel plugin to gain access to their video ad inventory. Be sure you have all the required items in the Requirements section.


adManagerURL string                                                              URL of the FreeWheel Ad Manager


📘 Your FreeWheel Solution Engineer or Account Representative can provide you with a versioned AdManager URL.
custom objectPasses custom-defined key-value pairs to the Freewheel SDK.
fwassetid stringFreeWheel identifier of a particular media item

Example: DemoVideoGroup.01

📘 When scheduling ad content for specific playlist items, each playlist item must have its own fwassetid.

Please see this recipe for an example configuration.
networkid numberFreeWheel identifier of a network

Example: 96749
profileid stringFreeWheel identifier of a particular application environment

Example: global-js
sectionid stringFreeWheel identifier of a location where the video content plays

Example: DemoSiteGroup.01
serverid stringURL of FreeWheel ad server



If you do not know where to find the FreeWheel account values in the table, contact your FreeWheel representative.

Scheduling Ad Breaks

The following recipes explain how to create single-break and multiple-break ad schedules in an embedded player.