iOS SDK Errors Reference (iOS)

Identify iOS SDK errors.

This reference documents platform-specifc error and warning codes.

The sources for these errors include:

  • Player Javascript components, and loading of said components
  • Native provider and the exceptions it may throw
  • Native features such as Picture-In-Picture

These error codes extend the existing error codes for the JWP web player.

Setup Errors

Loading Core JS Component

Code Reason Displayed Message
101101 Failed to load jwplayer.core.js. JavaScript file jwplayer.core.js not found.
101102 Failed to load jwplayer.js. JavaScript file jwplayer.js not found.
101104 Failed to load jwpsrv.js. JavaScript file jwpsrv.js not found.

Loading Provider JS Component

Code Reason Displayed Message
104101 Failed to load promise.js. JavaScript file promise.js not found.

Native Errors



Code Reason Displayed Message
230002 The player cannot continue playback because your internet connection is not reachable. This video cannot be played because of a problem with your internet connection.



Code Reason Displayed Message
281000 The player cannot continue due to an unknown error.


The server may throw code 281000 when the requested resource is restricted by JWP content protection. Content protection methods include:

  • Geoblocking
  • DRM
  • URL signing
Unknown player error.
281001 The player was unable to load the requested media. Failed to load media.
281002 The requested format cannot be played. Player does not support this format.
281100 The video track could not be parsed by the player. Player failed to parse media file.
281101 The video track could not be decoded by the player. Player failed to decode media file.
281200 The player does not have sufficient permissions to access the media.


Media access can be prevented due to various reasons, including the following:

  • Content protection, such as DRM, geoblocking, and URL signing
  • Content removal
User does not have access to content.
281300 You cannot reproduce this media on external devices. External playback is not allowed for content.

Picture in Picture

These errors are returned by the native AVPictureInPictureController delegate error method Apple Developer Documentation.




Code Reason Displayed Message
302400 An error occurred when trying to load the related content. Error loading related content feed.
302601 The playlist XML is not a valid playlist XML. Related playlist was a malformed XML file.
302602 There is no content on the related playlist. Related playlist is empty.
302611 The playlist JSON is not a valid playlist JSON. Related playlist was a malformed JSON file.
302650 The configuration does not contain a valid related URL. Related content URL is nil.